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The Business Women's Lodge (BWL) provides opportunities for Business women to learn, share, engage, and conduct successful business Internationally, Regionally, Locally and beyond.

The BWL platform brings together high-quality Business women from all corners of the world and by which women of various professions connect to help each other grow both personally and professionally.

The BWL brings professional women together to create connections to Europe’s leading Association’s. Here, you can find invaluable connections and partnerships with united professional woman.

Business Women Lodge is the best you’ll find, simply because it is all about YOU – the decision makers, the business owners, the directors, the senior professionals, and managers, all of whom buy and sell and help establish a business.

Who our members are?

We are all Business women. Women, who are on the way towards THE success. Women who has found their way but 're still looking for the right market. Women who are looking for their company. Women who are looking for experiences, good talkings, adventures, wise pieces of advice.
Women who can be successful even by themselves, but who are sure that they could be more successful with each other.
Because we WOMEN are able to do anything by ourselves, but together we can do the impossible things!

This is the PLACE where our Members can find their thoughts. We can find market for our service, ideas for our money and help in things we need.


Our main goal is Empowering Women in Business by encouriging each other with experiences, knowledge and sharing businesses.
We are building an association. An associaton of business ladies from more countries. It is worth to join us for those who wants to be part of a club of clever, successful ladies with valuable business connections. We would like to learn from each other, form each other's experience and from teachers of business sciences. We would like to think together, helping each other on the way towards to reach our goals. We are building an international club. We want to know each other's culture, habits, needs, businesses. We want to connect to each other, helping each other to open possibilities, new views and new businesses. There is no such countries or businesses in the World, we could not reach. Although we have club only in Europe and UAE yet, we are working on other Continents and countries as well. We start from a very good level, having connections in all over the World. WE have a big database in our Center, so we are working hard to give the best projects and help to all of our members: it can be business or education or whatever.

How the club works?

If you are a member you have the right to take part on all our events. You have the right to bring a visitor to all our event. A visitor has the right to take part one time, then she has to decide to be a member or not.
1. One club evening monthly
As a member, you’ll be able to attend on monthly social events, as well as on various education seminars. What happens there? The club leader introduces everybody and tries to match the right business partners to each other Everybody tells about themselves. Everybody can tell the up to date or needed solve problems. After dinner everybody can meet the one who she thinks she has to talk with. Needed guests can be invited to talk about business, or anything which can be interested for the club members. Guests can be invited from other clubs, to introduce other countries behaves or way of making business
2. Business breakfasts
Members has the right to organise business breakfasts and to invite club members there. She can make it together with other members (max3) who can introduce their product or service
A breakfast can take 2 or 3 hours and there is a know how how it goes.
3. There is an EXPO organised once a year for club members, where everybody can rent a stand and has the right to sell her products or service. This is an open event, guests can be invited to buy things.
4. Members takes part on the competition for The Business Woman of the Year and has the right to take part on the ceremony and show programme at the end of the year. The price is surprise.
5. Members can apply to our education programme, which is going to be in Europe. Management communication 5 days.
Every member is put on our website with her profession with her homepage , title, position and photo. Every member is invited to our closed FB page, where she gets all the information we share. We introduce our members very detailed there one by one, week by week

Who is this club for?

 Business women, who have a big company, to build their connections, network
   - to be able to learn from other’s experience
   - to be able to get connections first to Europe
 Business women, who have small companies and has not so much money to be able to employ all the skilled colleges , because they can get help from others or from the leaders of the club
 Women, who want s to make business to get idea s or exact business modells
 Women who want to know more about others and about Europe
Fee: Yearly fee is 1000 USD. The member gets all the possibilities mentioned above and with her membership card she gets reduction from all club members and from those companies, which we can bring into the business.






Meet our Rockstar who chooses out of love to support YOU,
and other business women who need and desire an organization, designed specifically
for small business women to grow their businesses, showcase themselves,
their products and services, make life-long friends, and encourage each other, while strengthening their communities.

Dr. Éva Hegedűs


I am an economist and a business woman. I have got a business women club in Europe, but before that, I had a lot of experiences in many kinds of businesses. First, I was a professor at a university and I was teaching economy. I spent a half year in NY, examining the NYSE, because I needed it to my Ph.D thesis. I loved my job, I loved the atmosphere of university. After 15 years, I was asked to be the CM of an international Company owned by Swedish people and dealing with student exchange programme.
I got plenty of friends there from all over the world. I travelled a lot, which sounds great, but to tell the truth, it wasn’t easy, because I had two small children at home. I have a son and a daughter, 15-month difference between them, and they were about 2 and 3 years old then. My husband worked hard too, as a professor at the university and a private architect.

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